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View Salem Oregon Real Estate. Salem stands as the capital of Oregon and is home to Oregon's state government at the Capitol. Salem has a history of being a sleeper community south of the Portland Metro area, but in recent years Salem has seen immense growth. With a revitalized downtown area to growing pockets of neighborhoods that offer a number of different properties to buyers in all ranges, Salem has seen positive and fruitful growth that has attracted more and more to the city. While it still has a lot of growth to accomplish to rival the Portland Metro area and other popular cities in the Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest, Salem's real estate market is extremely varied with options for all types of properties - luxury homes, large estates, modest single-family homes, condos, townhouses and much more. If you'd like to know more, contact BHHS Real Estate Professionals. A leader in Salem Oregon Real Estate, we can get you all the important information you'll need for your Salem home purchase or sale. Contact us today for a list of all active real estate for sale in Salem, Oregon.

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